i want some titties in my mouth, some ass in my palms, and some clit around my dick…. just being honest

01.Oct.14 10 hours ago

OK i see all of the stupid ass love posts and relationships tweets and lovey dovey instagrams and shit about how the girl misses the guy so much or how much the guy hurt you or how much you care for this guy and he doesnt even think of you…. Funny how no fucking girl has ever felt this way about me and i’ve finally noticed why. I’ve figured out why girls dont show interest, why girls dont think to text me first, why girls probably will never fall in love with someone like me and its because i look fucking average. YAS BITCH its all about looks. Most of these girls want a fucking tall, deep-voiced, inhumanely in shape, flawless, god-like abercrombie model. And you stupid bitches chase looks and outward appearances JUST AS MUCH as us guys AKA pigs and horn dogs. FUCK THE BULLSHIT. Yal bitches only get yals stupid heart broke because you chase after shitty assholes who look good on the outside. Hell Nah. Theres always been this agreed-upon constant that guys are more shallow than girls and thats bullshit. Both sexes are equally fucking stupid. Every time i see a fucking couple, they LOOK good together. LOOK. fuck all you dumb bitches, if you want a real nigga then pull him out of your friend zone, and yes everything i say is truth because i see it EVERY FUCKING DAY


25.Sep.14 1 week ago